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When The Government Cuts The Budget On Defense Jobs Are At Stake

When budget cuts come in a government agency or in a Corporation people will undoubtedly lose their jobs. You never know if you are next to go, but if you think you might be you start planning your strategy ahead. This of course seriously cuts into productivity, employee morale, and things just don’t run very well when everyone is paranoid about potential backstabbing employment reviews, and who might get the ax first. It’s just no good, and it is easy to destroy your own career worrying over all of this as you try to avoid being next on the list.Government Executive Online News had an interesting article posted on January 29, 2013 titled; “Threat of sequestration takes a toll on employee productivity,” by Charles S. Clark. Well, I’m sure that goes without saying, it’s something that’s going through the minds of everyone working in any agency during budget cuts. If they’ve worked there for more than a decade, they’ve probably seen budget cuts before, and will see them again. Not only that the employees are busy working on their resumes while at work!That’s definitely something you don’t wish to be caught doing. It looks as if you are ready to jump ship, and you are one of the rats leaving the boat as it is sinking, it shows you have no confidence in the agency, or even yourself, because you don’t believe your work quality is substantial enough to warrant your further employment. If you don’t believe in yourself, why would your boss, and therefore why should they keep you on the team if you’re not pulling your weight. In other words it might be a self-fulfilling prophecy, and that would be your fault, it’s an internal issue, and a psychological conundrum within your own mind.If there are budget cuts in your agency, the first thing you should be doing is working harder, working smarter, and leading by example. You should be helping the boss look good, helping them keep their job, and working solidly as a team member. Does this mean you shouldn’t involve yourself in corporate politics? No, but it also means you shouldn’t cut your own throat either. If you are being a team player, and are committed to the agency, you have a better chance of surviving the budget cuts. Best of all, if there are other jobs and other agencies nearby your boss will make sure you get the transfer, because you deserve it over someone else.Better yet, if your boss moves up or sideways, she or he may recommend you to take their place. All the while everyone else is being laid off, but you get a raise. I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.